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By Wulan Kenanga - 20.33


Welcome to My Personal Taste Blog. This is my first blog in the English language. I hope you can enjoy reading my story in this blog. For some time I will write about my life and my lifestyle. But, before you read about that, I will tell you about me.

I’m Wulan Kenanga people know me as a writer fiction at Wattpad. I also write fiction at a publisher. My first book is Madeira, you can buy it at a bookstore in Indonesia or you can buy it at an online store (of course, if that marketplace accepts to send it to your country). 

Besides writing fiction, I also write articles on my blog. You can search my blog by my name. 

So, welcome to my personal taste blog! If you have any question you can send me email at holawulan@gmail.com


Wulan K.

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