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By Wulan Kenanga - 23.47

I have been working at home since 2014 and for my first writing, I chose to write fiction. However, since I didn't get a job, I started to study how to write articles and started to post to my personal blog. I have written a blog since senior high school. When my teacher asked us to make a blog, I found out my blog can make money. So, I started to search for information about that and finally, I joined a blogging group.

After joining a blogging group, I finally got a job for the first time. Please, don’t think that for the first time I got alot of money. At the time, I only got one hundred thousand rupiah for one blog post.I got not more than USD$10. But, I'm very happy when I got my first client.

The struggles don't end there. For the next offers, I only get thirty thousand for one content placement. Since I need that money, I took the deal. Now, I do not only earn from my blog but also from another platforms too.

So, these are what I have done as a freelancer from 2014 until now. 

4 Job Ideas For A Freelancer

1 | Writing a Blog

I have two personal blogs, but I only write one blog consistently. You can write a blog with a niche. For myself, I do not have a specific niche. My two blogs are about lifestyle, because I like to write about random things and one of them I mostly write about is cafe or culinary. 

Writing articles at blog, you will not get income directly. When you want to get income, you must join a group or search for information about jobs for bloggers. When you see an opportunity, you must apply and wait until the client contacts you for further communication. Clients will tell you how much budget do they have and you can bid until you are settle. If you deal with that, you can write according to briefs. 

Sometimes, you do not write articles. You only post to your blog. Because, there's such a thing as content placement. So, you just post an article from a client and then you send a report. If everything is clear you will get a payment. 

If your clients are from another country, you will get a payment from paypal. But if they are not, you will get a payment to your local bank account. 

Besides writing articles, you must include backlinks to your article for clients. InshaAllah, next time I will tell you more about this.

2 | Writing an Online Novel

I started writing an online novel in 2016 at Wattpad. For the first time I created an account at Wattpad, I hope there will be a publisher who will give me some opportunity to publish my novel. But until 2021, there was no publishers contacted me. So, I only focus on writing a novel on my Wattpad account, until one of them gets eleven millions views. And then, that novel got a bid from Wattpad to become an exclusive story on Wattpad. So, I get income from that story. I get paid in dollars.

Not only on Wattpad but I also write a novel on Fizzo too. On Fizzo I also get paid in dollars and on this platform I get a huge amount. I feel so happy, of course. I never got so much money like that before.

You can also write a novel on a platform online and get income. For example, you can write at Wattpad (but first, you must get an offer from acquisition editor Wattpad), Fizzo, KBM, Cabaca, Storial, Karyakarsa and many more. 

Maybe, next time I will help you with a mention and explanation about platforms who can give you some money. InshaAllah.

3 | Publishing a Novel

Finally, at 2021 I got accepted by Gradien Mediatama publisher to publish one of my stories on Wattpad. So, finally you can find my novel in the bookstores. I get income from selling my novel. Of course, how much money I get depends on how many books are sold and I get my money once every six months.

If you can sell a novel at Tiktok and that novel goes viral, you can get more money. Because, you will get more royalties. If you do not write a novel, you can write non-fiction books, motivation books, or self improvement books. Because, self improvement books or books about mental health are most popular recently.

4 | Become an Affiliator

In recent years, there are so many platforms who give chances to creators to get some money to become an affiliator. For example, you can share your Shopee links and then you will get commission when people see your links and then click them.

You also can get commission from the Tiktok Affiliate. If people see your “yellow basket” from your showcase or videos, you will get commission when ever people buy that things.

That's the work I do as a freelancer. I hope this help. Please, share if you think this article is useful.

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